Solar Thermal Dish System

Cebu Solar’s newest design for use is the Solar Fluid Heating System, US pat # 6,336,452-B1 Can be used for a wide range of applications, such as but not limited to steam production, Desalination, water purificaion, ORC, CPV, CSP, chemical treatment, With head temp. in the range of 538f + their are many uses both residential and commercial, extensive development by the design team at CSI have ensured that this design is the most advanced in the field with options being developed for ORC/CPV hybrid systems to increase Kw yeald to a highest ratio per square foot in the field.

Cebu Solar Thermal Dish System

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Cebu Solar How does solar work

How it works?

Cebu Solar is a fast growing company that offers a wide range of Renewable Energy services. Our newest addition of services is Solar Power Leasing,

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