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This cool new electric scooter solar panel is perfect for the Philippines

We at CSI can order you both the scooter and the solar panel kit

Protect the environment by converting your scooter to solar power. The solar panel converts sunlight directly to electricity which charges the scooter 36volt or 48 volt battery bank. This scooter solar panel, manufactured by QSOLAR Limited, is the most efficient combination available, producing three to four times greater output than companies using thin film technologies, and 50% lighter than the competitor using crystalline photovoltaic panels. Depending on location, time of year, and driving conditions, the 90 watt top will extend your driving time 10-15KM per day. The rule of thumb is that for every one hour the 90 watt solar scooter sits out in the sun, it will go an extra kilometers. It is great for scooter on long, hilly scooter courses, neighborhood electric vehicles in scooter communities, maintenance workers’ vehicles that are driven all day, and transport scooter. The solar powered scooter is well suited for locations that do not have easy access to electricity, such as campgrounds, farms, hunting areas, and on islands.

By using solar power to operate your scooter, you can eliminate the consumption of approximately 240 lbs of coal PER YEAR for electricity generation and eliminate the emission of 1,100 lbs of CO2 PER YEAR into the atmosphere (based on using the scooter to its maximum potential of 6 sun-hours of peak sun).

The scooter solar panel charging kit is designed and manufactured by QSOLAR Limited. We are committed to push the envelope of technology and provide cost effective, practical, and sustainable solutions in solarpowered application.

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