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50 MW Solar Power Farm Business Plan
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Energy security is an important goal to seek to realize as an absolute requirement for economic growth and stability. Renewable Energy (RE) development is the key element of this goal.

The Philippines has realized significant strides in the development of its renewable energy resources. A third of the country’s power requirement is currently being addressed by Renewable Energy. In 2009, only an estimated 18% of Renewable Energy was utilized. Past studies, however, suggest that the RE potential is twenty five times more than what is currently being used.

The demand for energy will continue to increase as the country pursues the sustainable development path. It is estimated that at least US$40.6 billion is needed to secure the country’s energy requirements between 2011- 2030. Renewable energy will not only help address this demand, but also provide the necessary balance between development and environmental sustainability.

Cebu Solar 50mw Solar Power Farm

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