LiFepo 4 Batteries

and Battery Cabinet’s

 Let me introduce LifePO4 pack battery for you, It’s only 1/4 weight compare with Lead acid battery.

Product Related parameters:

1. Work temperature: Subzero 20degree to 60degree
2. Self-Discharge:  2-3% of capacity declined per month at 25℃(average)
3. 100% DOD Cycle use 25℃: over 2200 times 
4. Storage at -20~+60℃, charing: 0~+45℃, discharge:-20~+60℃
5. Nominal service life span : ≥ 10Years

LiFePO4 battery Advantage:

1. Energy density is high. The volume and weight of lithium battery is 1/3 of the traditional lead acid battery with the same capacity.
2. Broad temperature adaptability. Products perform well at a temperature of -20°C to 60°C, it can operation long time at 60°C.
3. Cycle durability for a single cell is 2200 cycles , which is 3 to 4 times more than the cycle durability of a traditional lead acid battery.
4. Higher discharge rate,it could reduce 50% of the capacity configuration, comparing to VRLA battery.
5. Optional LCD digital display. Optional LCD digital display can show battery voltage, capacity, current information, etc.

Cebu Solar LiFepo 4 Batteries and Battery Cabinet’s

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