Micro Inverters and Savings

Price Quotation:
System includes Complete Set of Components including Roof Top Rails and Mounting Clamps, Cables and Wires, Installation, Monitoring Set up, and Commissioning.

1KW Single Phase PV Micro-inverter System

System Summary:
1-unit WOSN 1000 watt grid-tie Inverter or 4 units Kaideng TP-260-230VAC
optional Communication Unit ( ECU )/Gateway(not included)

End Caps, End Cables, Connectors

Setup and Commissioning
System cost 1st KW ………………….. P150,000.00
Each additional KW …………………… P130,000.00
5-KW ……………………………………….. P640,000.00

20 pcs-units Kaideng TP-260-230VAC or 5 units WOSN 1000 watt grid-tie Inverter.

ROI calculator for grid tied system ( without export to grid or 100% PV yield consumed):

Our 1KWp Micro-inverter system can yield an average of 120 Kwh to 150 Kwh per month or 1440 KWh to 1800 KWh in a year.

5-KW micro-inverter grid tied system expects to yield 600 KWh up to 750 KWh monthly. You will earn P7,500.00 up to P9,375.00 in your first month and the succeeding months.

At the current rate of P12.50KWh (VECO or Cebeco) this will mean savings or electricity cost reduction of about P 90,000 up to P 112,500 annually ( without export of solar energy or fully consumed solar harvest)

Return of Investment of only +/-6 years. Above sample calculator is based on electricity savings from the current (VECO or Cebeco) rate of P12.50 per KWh, not taking into consideration the inevitable rate increases within the 6 year period.

The Photo-voltaic Modules have a pro-rated warranty of 25-30 years and the micro-inverters have 5-10-15 year extended warranty available at additional cost and expected life span of more than 25 years. Benefit goes beyond the 6 year period with only the SUN as fuel.

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