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How it works?

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Cebu Solar is a fast growing company that offers a wide range of Renewable Energy services.

Our newest addition of services is Solar Power Leasing, where the customer “leases” Solar Power Systems to avail our lower cost energy and not have to BUY the solar energy equipment.


Customer downloads and fills out the app form and scans and returns it by email and also scans and attaches a copy of their average monthly billing from their utility provider.

CS design department receives the application and custom designs a solar power system to fit the customers needs.

CSI informs the customer of the cost of the 5 year block of energy, and if the customer agrees to the amount quoted for the 5 years of energy and pays for it then CS installs the solar power equipment, then the customer completes the process of the net-metering application with the local energy provider and adds the solar system to their insurance policy for their home or business and the process is complete.

CS supplies all the required information for the net-metering application form and the form itself and all supporting documents for the engineering department of the utility company.

A additional fee may be required from the DU for the net-metering application processing and a fee of p500 per kw of solar system size is required as a one time fee from and payable to the ERC.

Click on this link to see how it works.